NCoC offers four awards annually that recognize the contributions extraordinary individuals make in service to our country. They are the Franklin Award, the Joseph H. Kanter Citizen of the Year Award, the HOOAH Award, commissioned by the Major George A. Smith Memorial Fund, and Role Model of the Year Award. 

HOOAH Award- Major George A. Smith Memorial Fund

The HOOAH Award recognizes a veteran who defines citizenship through service to our country, both in uniform and beyond.

The 2020 HOOAH Award winner is Ken Harbaugh! Ken is a former US Navy Pilot, Congressional candidate, past president of Team Rubicon Global, and co-founder of Mission Continues – I can not think of a better HOOAH award winner. Ken has been a steadfast community and veteran leader. Currently, Ken is the host of the popular podcast – Burn the Boats.

Previous recipients of the HOOAH Award include the Honorable Tulsi Gabbard, Chris Marvin, Eric Hilleman and Derek Blumke.

Learn more about the HOOAH Award and previous winners.

Joseph H. Kanter Citizen of the Year Award

The Joseph H. Kanter Citizen of the Year Award recognizes the extraordinary commitments of a private citizen.

The 2020 Citizen of the Year is first-time poll workers for their efforts to advance civic engagement.

Previous recipients include David Rubenstein, Jack Miller, Steve and Jean Case, and Rick Stengel.

Learn more about the Citizen of the Year Award and previous winners. 

Role Model of the Year Award

The Role Model of the Year Award is designed to recognize individuals who use their public presence to inspire others and give back to their community.

Franklin Award

NCoC shares Ben Franklin’s belief that “to provide benefits for the common good is divine.” In his name, the Franklin Award is given annually.

Previous recipients of the Franklin Award include General Ann Dunwoody, the Honorable Norman Mineta, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Antonin Scalia, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Stephen Breyer, and Senators Robert Byrd and Lamar Alexander.

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