Indiana Tech event aims to help people make a difference

by Niki Kelly, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

INDIANAPOLIS Ð Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller and the Indiana Tech Law School in Fort Wayne are co-sponsoring a Civic Engagement Seminar aimed at improving IndianaÕs civic health. The first Indiana Civic Health Index was published in 2011 to examine how Hoosiers Òinteract with one another within our communities and with the government.Ó It was updated this year and showed the importance of education and that civic participation increases as a personÕs education level increases. ÒThe Indiana Bar FoundationÕs 2015 Civic Health Index found that Hoosiers have relatively low rates of participation in public meeting attendance and participation in school or community groups compared to residents of other states,Ó Zoeller said. ÒThis Indiana Tech Law School civic engagement presentation is intended to suggest practical ways that citizens can get involved in their communities, convey their views and make a difference, so we are honored to participate in the program,Ó he said. The program is Sept. 23 from 3:30 to 5:30 at the Law SchoolÕs Court Room, 1120 E. Washington Blvd. It will highlight two areas of the index: confidence in public institutions and political involvement. After opening remarks, Zoeller will address the importance of exercising the right to free speech. This includes a look at IndianaÕs free speech constitutional provision, the Supreme Court case that established IndianaÕs free exercise test and a comparison to federal protections. A panel discussion on confidence in public institutions such as local government, school boards and media will start at 4 p.m., moderated by Deputy Attorney General Anne Mullin OÕConnor. ~1@BODYURL[id=114jbcurl1402]@