February 18th, 2024 – The 2023 Indiana Civic Health Index begins a new chapter in the decade of past research undertaken to explore Indiana’s overall civic health.

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From the Executive Summary:

“This report examines some of Indiana’s successes and shortcomings during the past few years and continues to use this data to examine future opportunities for improvement in our collective civic health. In this latest INCHI we look at new data from the 2022 election cycle as well as additional data demonstrating other areas of our state’s civic health as we look forward to the national elections in 2024. The insights gained by examining Hoosiers’ participation in civic life from 2010 to the present will inform and motivate citizens and leaders alike to build a culture of civic engagement that enhances our economic, social, and political wellbeing. 

Building on the recommendations outlined in past INCHIs, the report details progress in advancing the goals of enhancing civic education in schools and promoting citizen participation in the election process, goals that are profoundly intertwined. Studies show a consistent and robust relationship between school experiences with voting education and civic participation later in life. As cornerstones of representative democracy, civic education and participation are crucial to advancing our civic health. The report incorporates earlier analyses and current data, examining additional measures of Indiana’s civic activity, identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement. The 2023 INCHI is meant to further stimulate discussion and inspire a renewed commitment to advancing Indiana’s civic health. Strengthening Hoosiers’ civic health vitality will require a concerted effort of all stakeholders interested in supporting citizen participation in its many forms; the result will be a more vibrant, successful, and engaged Indiana and nation.”