VISION 2025: Arizona Comes of Age describes what the Center for the Future of Arizona (CFA) has learned over the years about who we are as Arizonans, the goals we share and the length of time we believe it will take to achieve them.


VISION 2025: Arizona Comes of Age

Chairman and CEO Lattie Coor spoke to the mission of the Center when VISION 2025 was released in October 2015:

“We chose the coming of age theme because our work has taught us just how enlightened and bold our forbearers were in shepherding this very young state through its early growing years. They built the foundation that made it possible for Arizona to grow so rapidly and provided an example of citizens and leaders working together for the long-term benefit of the state.

But all achievements are transitory. The major issues that confront us today remain the same issues that confronted the state in the past. Five of the citizen goals identified by CFA in the Gallup Arizona Poll are policy related. Education, job creation, infrastructure, healthcare, water and land management are the building blocks of prosperity and quality of life.

The three remaining goals – attracting and retaining young talent, actions that influence public life and actions that build community – are core to our success.”

VISION 2025 describes clearly the Arizona we have, the Arizona we want and the role of the Center in achieving it. It provides the most current data available in 2015 and identifies a critical set of projections about Arizona, uncertainties about our future and steps that need to be taken.


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