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About the Partners

National Conference on Citizenship
At the National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC), we believe everyone has the power to make a difference in how their community and country thrive.

We are a dynamic, non-partisan nonprofit working at the forefront of our nation’s civic life. We continuously explore what shapes today’s citizenry, define the evolving role of the individual in our democracy, and uncover ways to motivate greater participation. Through our events, research and reports, NCoC expands our nation’s contemporary understanding of what it means to be a citizen. We seek new ideas and approaches for creating greater civic health and vitality throughout the United States.

Center for Metropolitan Studies
The Center for Metropolitan Studies at the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs undertakes its research and community engagement on the emerging need for effective, participatory, and democratic decision making at the metropolitan level. It is currently focused on creating a sense of urban core by integrating and connecting the central city and its surrounding municipalities.

Program for Deliberative Democracy
The Program for Deliberative Democracy strives to improve local and regional decision-making through informed citizen deliberations. Founded in 2003, it is an independent, non-partisan organization housed at Carnegie Mellon University under the Center for Ethics and Policy. It has utilized Deliberative Polling and other forms of community conversations to cover such topics as same-sex marriage, climate change, good governance, and the challenges of the Marcellus Shale. It has also facilitated deliberation at the campus and neighborhood level.

This project was made possible by the generous support of The Pittsburgh Foundation.

The Pittsburgh Foundation
Established in 1945, The Pittsburgh Foundation is one of the nation’s oldest community foundations and is the 14th largest of more than 750 community foundations across the United States.

As a community foundation, our resources comprise endowment funds established by individuals, business and organizations with a passion for charitable giving and a deep commitment to the Pittsburgh community. The Foundation currently has more than 1,800 individual donor funds and, together with its supporting organizations, assets of approximately $900 million. Grantmaking benefits a broad spectrum of community life within Pittsburgh and beyond.

The Foundation has strengthened its focus on community and the positive impact it strives to achieve through its grantmaking, the engagement of its donors in critical regional issues and its activities around convening and leadership, in collaboration with funding and civic partners.