New civic health data for the state of Ohio, as well as the cities of Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.

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About the Partners:

National Conference on Citizenship
At the National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC), we believe everyone has the power to make a difference in how their community and country thrive.

We are a dynamic, non-partisan nonprofit working at the forefront of our nation’s civic life.We continuously explore what shapes today’s citizenry, define the evolving role of the individual in our democracy, and uncover ways to motivate greater participation. Through our events, research and reports, NCoC expands our nation’s contemporary understanding of what it means to be a citizen. We seek new ideas and approaches for creating greater civic health and vitality throughout the United States.

Miami University Hamilton Center for Civic Engagement
Our Center for Civic Engagement at Miami Hamilton is grounded in public life. Through education, research, service, and advocacy, we strive to build the will and capacity to solve public problems. Our Center is proud to offer comprehensive support to students, faculty, and local citizens in the areas of volunteerism, service-learning, and public dialogue and deliberation. The MUH Center for Civic Engagement houses multiple spaces for public dialogue, namely our Democracy Wall on campus, and our Miami Hamilton Downtown Center which offers educational, arts, and civic programming in the urban core of our city. For our public work within the community, Miami Hamilton was awarded the 2010 Carnegie Community Engagement Classification. For more information on our community work, please visit our MUH Center for Civic Engagement website at

About this Report
Since 2008, the Ohio Civic Health Index has found a home within Miami University. First produced in 2008 out of the Harry T. Wilks Leadership Institute, the Ohio Civic Health Index moved to the MUH Center for Civic Engagement in 2009, and we are proud to continue to provide the leadership, production, and dissemination of the statewide picture of civic health in Ohio.