2018 Annual Conference on Citizenship

It’s Your Democracy!

October 17 – 18th, 2018    |   Marriott Marquis in Washington, DC 

Join us for the 2018 Annual Conference on Citizenship from Wednesday, October 17th – Thursday, October 18th at the Marriott Marquis in Washington, DC. Come prepared to share your stories and your work to strengthen our democracy with a remarkable array of activists and reformers.

This annual NCoC event will start the evening of October 17th and run all day October 18th. Bridge Alliance members and CHI partners will be participating in additional meetings earlier on Wednesday as well

Further information regarding registration and agenda will be forthcoming. If you have any questions before then, please reach out to conference@ncoc.org

We look forward to your participation in October!

A note for Bridge Alliance Members: Bridge Alliance is excited to announce that their annual membership convening will be held on October 17th at the Marriott Marquis starting at 9:00 am, held jointly with NCoC’s conference. We hope many Bridge Alliance members will be available to take part in the 2018 Annual Conference!

2018 Annual Conference

This year, with the theme It’s YOUR Democracy!, we plan to bring together activists and reformers, stalwarts and newcomers, leaders and followers, bystanders now taking action, people who are talking and listening closely for the pulse of our civic life. Over two jam-packed days, we will be learning from and inspired by a remarkable array of active citizens working to renew and refresh our democratic practices, our democratic structures, our democratic culture, our democratic beliefs, and our democratic hopes for the future of our country.  

We’ll be recognizing outstanding citizens, veterans, and civic innovators.  We will consider the state of the art across a variety of democratic initiatives and reforms. We will be hearing from partners who are turning their Civic Health Index Reports into launching pads for civic renewal. We will search for the connections linking journalism’s response to fake news and media literacy to efforts to transform how communities and schools bring civics education to the next generation. We will ask how money in politics and campaign finance reform links to rank choice voting and efforts to change the redistricting process. We will examine the promise of Democracy Schools, and question whether there is a new wave of democratic engagement on college campuses.  We will get inside a living room conversation, and put ourselves in the shoes of civil servants in local government striving to engage effectively with their constituents.  We will think outside the box and we will think inside the (ballot) box.

Our goal is to inspire, engage and inform and give conference participants a unique opportunity to build new relationships, and connect to new networks.  We hope you will join us and bring Your Democracy with you!  

Bridge Alliance Summit

The Bridge Alliance is excited to announce that it will be holding its annual membership conference on October 17th, preceding NCoC’s Annual Conference. The Bridge Alliance Summit will be presented by the Bridge Alliance Education Fund (BAEF) — their affiliated 501(c)(3) organization. The purpose of the BAEF is to promote nonpartisan civic engagement on governance, public policy matters, and election processes. Bridge Alliance believes that there is no better way of fulfilling this mission than by bringing together the leaders of the democracy revitalization movement. If you are a BA member, please let the team know what you hope to accomplish at the Summit so that they can help you to fulfill your mission.

In 2017, NCoC and Bridge Alliance co-hosted the first ever American Civic Collaboration Awards and it was a big success! We loved reading the inspiring nominees’ stories and the work Bridge Alliance members are doing to help heal divides and improve communities in America. We are gearing up for the second year of the Civvys, and wanted to let you know that nominations will be open through Wednesday, July 11thStart thinking about who you might want to nominate, and — when you’re ready — head to Civvys.org to submit their names and information. Winners and finalists will be celebrated at the 2018 Annual Conference on Citizenship in October. Also, if you’d like to help support the Civvys, we are always looking for people and organizations interested in getting involved as sponsors. As always, you can follow the latest updates at Civvys.org and on social media using #Civvys.

For questions or suggestions concerning the Bridge Alliance Summit, or for Civvys nominations, please contact Katie Page at katie@BridgeAlliance.us or at 323-422-3668.