How can we meet this moment in ways that inspire deep, diverse, sustainable civic engagement?

NCoC Launches Civic Renewal Initiative


Civic life in America, constantly evolving, is poised for a new wave of growth. Civic engagement is bubbling to the surface of the front pages and front-lines of cities across the nation. With a long history of strengthening civic life in America, the National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC) has spent the past ten years measuring and advancing civic health with community partners across the country through the Civic Health Index. Building upon a treasure trove of data, resources, and partnerships, and upon the work of others committed to civic renewal, NCoC is launching a Civic Renewal Initiative.

Read more about NCoC’s Civic Renewal Initiative

Click here for the 2016 Civic Renewal Opportunities to Engage


This is a time for civic renewal – a renewal that is not about politics, but about the heart and soul of our communities. Leaders who understand the value of civic engagement and civic life as necessary components of healthy communities must broaden their scope of influence. Our goal is to bring issue- focused individuals and organizations not currently involved in civic life discussions into the conversation. If we are to meet this moment, we must learn from each other and commit to advancing civic renewal together.

We invite you to bring your experience, ideas, and networks to the conversation. Read here for more information on opportunities to engage and contact [email protected] to get involved.

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