The Engagement Scorecard is a “user-centered” data-gathering tool that, like Yelp, TripAdvisor, or RateMyProfessor, gives people an easy-to-use tag-based system to rate the quality of democracy and civic health in their community.

The data gathered from the Scorecard can help local and state officials, nonprofit leaders, funders, and other leaders better understand how the public feels about specific engagement activities and their community as a whole. The Scorecard can also be a vital tool for building civic infrastructure by helping to identify the programs and activities that people value – as well as the ones that citizens find frustrating and unhelpful.

The Scorecard can be customized to fit the specific engagement opportunities that local or state partner want citizens to rate. The local partner can then have exclusive access to the data through the Alchemer platform.

The data can be displayed on public dashboards, used for awards programs, and provide fodder for research on the social impacts of democracy and engagement.