Nyki is a values-driven leader, entrepreneur, visionary, and a motivator with a heart for people and a passion to change the world. Nyki’s life and work experience combined with her interest in politics was birthing ground for the delivery of her biggest project yet, Black Girls Vote, Inc. of which she is the founder and CEO. This non-partisan, grassroots organization is focused on encouraging and mobilizing African American women to use their collective voting power to advocate for issues that impact African American women and families. Nyki previously served as the Director of Events for the Maryland Chamber of Commerce.

Nyki has also held positions in both local and state governments. She has served as a Neighborhood Liaison in Baltimore City’s Mayor’s Office, a Director of Outreach in Maryland’s Lt. Governor’s Office and the Special Assistant to the Director for the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development. While in these positions she was able to actualize the impact of policy decisions, interface with residents regarding neighborhood initiatives, plans, and requests and organize numerous events.

Upon graduation from college, Nyki was accepted into an international education program in Beijing, China where she found herself immersed in the Chinese language and culture. This experience not only gave her the opportunity to interact with students from around the world, but to also build lifelong relationships.

Nyki received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Frostburg University.

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