Meghan Welsch (she/her) is a creative project manager, community builder, and empathetic leader whose passion lies in finding unique ways to bring people together. Having spent the last 15 years working at the intersections of technology x film and storytelling x impact, Meghan brings a variety of experience from work at Exposure Labs, the impact and production company behind films Chasing Ice, Chasing Coral, The Game Changers, and The Social Dilemma; Tugg Inc., a crowdsourcing platform for theatrical movie screenings and distribution; Festival Genius, a scheduling platform for film festivals; and B-Side Entertainment, the first of its kind in-home distribution platform. Meghan currently serves as the Program Manager for the Public Spaces Incubator at New_Public, and in her free time enjoys spending time outside and connecting with friends in her home of Austin, TX.
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