A 2016 report on the state of civic health in Kentucky.

Click here to download the full 2016 Kentucky Civic Health Index

About the Partners


The National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC) is a congressionally chartered organization dedicated to strengthening civic life in America. We pursue our mission through a nationwide network of partners involved in a cutting-edge civic health initiative and our cross-sector conferences. At the core of our joint efforts is the belief that every person has the ability to help their community and country thrive. Learn more at ncoc.org.


Western Kentucky University (WKU) prepares students of all backgrounds to be productive, engaged, and socially responsible citizen-leaders of a global society. The University provides research, service and lifelong learning opportunities for its students, faculty, and other constituents. WKU enriches the quality of life for those within its reach. Learn more at wku.edu.


The McConnell Center, established in 1991, values three core principles: Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. The McConnell Center prepares Kentucky’s top undergraduate students to become future leaders; offers civic education programs for teachers, students and the public; and conducts strategic leadership development for the U.S. Army. Through a variety of professional development conferences, lectures and seminars, the Center’s Civic Education Program is designed to improve Kentuckians’ understanding of their history, assist Kentucky citizens in
developing a better understanding of the U.S. Constitution and American history, and encourage open and free discussion of perennial concerns that inform contemporary politics. Learn more at McConnellCenter.org.


Alison Lundergan Grimes, Kentucky’s 76th Secretary of State, is the Commonwealth’s chief advocate for civic engagement. Through partnership with civics-oriented organizations on the local, state and national levels, the Secretary of State supports a variety of programs to promote greater participation in the democratic process, including civic education and legislative initiatives, slogan and essay contests relating to voting, and mock elections. The Secretary is passionate about improving Kentucky’s civic health and working toward a more enthusiastic and informed electorate. Secretary Grimes believes that Kentucky can achieve its brightest future when Kentuckians embrace fully both their rights and obligations as citizens.