The National Week of Conversation, A Project of the Bridge Alliance Education Fund


When? April 20-28, 2018

Revitalizing America— Together.
The last few years have been hard on conversations. Most Americans now believe our national lack of civility has reached a crisis level. We have not been this divided since the 1850s. And the way we use technology tends to separate us even more. The National Week of Conversation is about bringing Americans together to talk it out. Organizations can sign up to partner and host affiliated events (you can even add them to our calendar). Individuals can sign up to participate both in person and online (individuals are welcome to host their own events too).

In an effort to focus attention and care towards the relationships we have with each other in this country, we are dedicating a week each year to ask people to do something we don’t normally do — have conversations with people who are different from themselves. It’s one way to break out of the filter bubbles that have divided us. There are four specific things to do:

1. Sign up individually and pledge to listen first to understand.
2. Partner your organization as a #ListenFirst and #NWOC participant.
3. Host an event between April 20-28, 2018 and if it’s a public event, list it on our national calendar
4. Share on social media about the week, your participation, using the hashtags #ListenFirst #NWOC.
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