NCoC Expands Their Leadership with Four New Board of Directors

At the National Conference on Citizenship, we know it’s important for us to represent and serve all Americans. It’s the only way we can truly advance American democracy for everyone.

In our long history as a congressionally-chartered nonprofit organization, we’ve continued to adapt our programming and resources to meet the needs of civic leaders across the country. To better serve all of you, we’re focused on lifting up a wide-range of perspectives, expertise, and lived experiences.
In that light, we’re excited to announce four new members to our Board of Directors. They join a group of renowned civic leaders and experts dedicated to advancing civic participation in our country. These new leaders include:
Deborah Fallows 
Deborah is a writer, linguist and fellow at New America. She has written for The Atlantic, National Geographic, Slate, The New York Times, and more. Deborah and her husband, writer James Fallows, co-authored the best-selling book Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey into the Heart of America, based on extensive reporting for The Atlantic on the civic and economic renewal of America’s towns. An HBO documentary, Our Towns, based on the book, will be released in April 2021.
Joy Fulkerson
Joy is the Director of Leadership and Civic Engagement at East Tennessee State University. She’s dedicated to increasing student voting across America. In her role, she collaborates with other campus and community units to develop and implement service-learning, civic engagement, and diversity, equity and inclusion activities. Joy also serves on the Executive Committee for the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition, a project of NCoC.
Katie Harbath
Katie Harbath is the Public Policy Director at Facebook, a position she’s held since 2011. Prior to Facebook, she was the chief digital strategist at the National Republican Senatorial Committee from 2009 to 2011.
Lizette Mata
Lizette Mata is the Deputy Secretary of State of Operations at California’s Secretary of State. In her prior capacities, she has managed special projects and campaigns to increase outreach and education of policies and programs like the 2020 census, California’s Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), licenses for the undocumented community (AB 60), and the statewide higher education partnership at the California Secretary of State’s office – known as the California Students Vote Project. She has worked in the Secretary of State’s office since 2013. Lizette also serves on the Executive Committee for the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition.
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