NCoC Announces Election Trust Project and Election Hero Day

WASHINGTON, D.C, October 26, 2020 — An historic election calls for a historic commitment to our democratic process and principles—and recognition of the voters, election workers, and voices right in our neighborhoods who have made our elections possible, particularly through the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Launching today, The Election Trust Project ( is a new initiative formed by the National Conference on Citizenship and supported by Made by Us, the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition, and the National Institute for Civil Discourse designed to empower Americans through our trust in this year’s election process, and inspiring them to feel confidence in our history of elections and voting as part of our American life—as this election season reaches its conclusion.

On Monday, November 2nd, the Election Trust Project and NCoC are powering the first-ever Election Hero Day ( in recognition of those working hard to make voting safe and easy this year. Tens of thousands of Americans have raised their hands to become poll workers this year, joining hundreds of thousands of clerks, officials, election directors, and those keeping us safe and working tirelessly to lead a fair, efficient, and transparent voting process. Supported by a coalition of public officials, private sector organizations, and leading voices, November 2nd is a day to recognize the work of those who have strengthened and led our election systems at the local level—supporting the millions who have already voted and will vote. NCoC invites partners to formally join the effort at to acknowledge Election Hero Day within their organizations.

“We are thrilled to power Election Hero Day, informed by the Election Trust Project’s work in election integrity,” said Nicco Mele, chief executive officer of NCoC. “We are celebrating the most essential voices in our election system, and that our election is in good hands with the locals leading them. Voters should feel they count. And that this election shows how important it is for us to share a common belief in the integrity of our elections.”

Partners are also invited to visit to sign onboard and access messages and information around a trustworthy and resilient election process and democracy.

The Election Trust Project is an initiative of the National Conference on Citizenship, a 501(c)(3) organization (“NCoC”), Made by Us, a collaborative of history and civics organizations across the nation first started at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History, and the National Institute of Civil Discourse. NCoC, Made by Us, and National Institute for Civil Discourse are strictly nonpartisan, and do not support or oppose any candidate or party.

For more information, or to access an election expert from NCoC or the Election Trust Project, contact