In 2009, the Major George A. Smith Memorial Fund established the HOOAH Award. For over 10 years, this award has been given annually at the Annual Conference on Citizenship to a veteran who defines citizenship through service to our country, both in uniform and beyond. In our ongoing efforts to promote service in all its forms, we are proud to honor our veterans as true civic leaders in our country. This year, we’re excited to announce the HOOAH winner is Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)! 

As an Air Force pilot in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Congressman was commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant, and he served in the Air Force Special Operations. Today, he continues to serve in the Air National Guard while in Congress, with the current rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Recently, Congressman Kinzinger joined the January 6th Select Committee, one of 2 Republicans to do so. Adam was elected to the U.S. Congress in 2010 and currently represents Illinois’ 16th District. 

At the 2021 Annual Conference on Citizenship for a special Veterans Day (11/11) event, NCoC will be joined by the Congressman to accept the award and deliver remarks. Following the award presentation, Ken Harbaugh (2020 HOOAH Award winner) will moderate a panel with Emily Cherniack of New Politics and Eli Williamson of Leave No Veterans Behind. Register here to join us for this Veterans Day event!  

If you’ve already registered for the 2021 Annual Conference, your registration includes access to the Veterans Day event. If you would like to attend the Veterans’ Day event only, please register here for the details. Congratulations again to Congressman Kinzinger, we can’t wait to present the award on November 11th! 

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