In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NCoC is restructuring the way we work to better serve individuals and communities. Here are some key changes and initiatives to help you respond to the pandemic.

The Election Trust Project

An historic election calls for a historic commitment to the American idea—that our elections are resilient, safe, and fair because of the election workers, voices, and voters right in our neighborhoods who make it possible. The Election Trust Project is a new initiative from the National Conference on Citizenship designed to empower Americans by deepening trust in this year’s election process, and inspiring them to feel confidence in the election process in their communities—as this election season reaches its conclusion.

The more people know what to expect this year and why—from mail-in voting, to their role, to waiting to learn the result—the more we can all feel secure in our votes, the process, and the outcome.

In the coming weeks, Election Trust Project is offering knowledge and guidance for our cities and towns, with a declaration and celebration to recognize the incredible efforts of our election workers who have made this historic election possible—and ac the power of our voters who have taken their voices and made them heard at the ballot box in 2020, whether by mail or in person.

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Pandemic to Prosperity

History has shown that large-scale crises accelerate pre-existing trends and permanently change societies and civic life. While most of the nation’s attention is currently focused on the response to Covid-19, we must ensure that recovery efforts in the months and years ahead lead to a more just and equitable society. Pandemic to Prosperity offers a comprehensive overview of the Covid-related impacts on our lives and livelihoods, governments, civic institutions, and overall well being.

Pandemic to Prosperity is a trusted, relevant, and highly-vetted source of information crucial for steering society toward a fair and complete recovery, yielding a better union than before the pandemic. This curated report analyzes disparate data, adding top-level insights about the implications of each indicator, what each indicator reveals, and how the indicators are interrelated. Such a resource is essential in a world where there is almost too much data to process and verified facts are often overcome by disinformation. Learn more about Pandemic to Prosperity.

Join the Learn, Ask, and Share Network

NCoC’s Learn, Ask, & Share Circles are an initiative focused on bringing community leaders together to share information, tools, and resources to adapt our democracy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout this initiative, NCoC will organize national and community leaders around various topics that advance full participation in our democracy.

What does the pandemic response mean for local leaders around the United States? How can we best support local leaders during this challenging time? 

Additional Changes and Questions

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