The National Conference on Citizenship (NCoC)
Chief Executive Officer
Washington, DC

NCoC believes everyone has the power to make a difference in how their community and country thrive.  Congress chartered NCoC in 1953 to incubate, evaluate, and increase active citizenship. By convening and partnering with nonprofit, foundation, government, and corporate decision-makers on the national, state, and community level, NCoC explores, discovers, and shares what matters most in shaping modern civic engagement.

NCoC is funded primarily through a dedicated revenue stream and grants. The organization has a staff of four full-time employees, in addition to a network of consultants and partners. NCoC’s namesake event is an annual conference around “Citizenship Day” on September 17th, and its largest program is producing the America’s Civic Health Index along with state and local reports building upon this research.  NCoC has also made strides in advancing national and community service, strengthening American history and civics education, and creating a common definition and best practices for corporate citizenship. Now, in the modern political environment, NCoC is ready to chart a path forward that helps repair America’s frayed social and civic fabric.

Key Responsibilities 

  • Reporting to the Board of Directors through the Chair of the Board, provide the overall leadership, direction, strategy and vision for NCoC, its programs, fundraising, and outreach.
  • In partnership with the Board of Directors, provide vision and strategic planning for the organization; ensure attention is focused on strengthening relationships and exploring new opportunities for growth;
  • Serve as an advocate and knowledgeable spokesperson; expand the public’s understanding of NCoC’s work; ensure that NCoC’s mission and values are clearly and effectively conveyed through its various media channels;
  • Ensure, by effective management and leadership, that day-to-day NCoC operations, programs and services are professionally and efficiently organized and administered; ensure proper administration of contracts and compliance with relevant laws and legal requirements;
  • Sustain and grow the current fundraising infrastructure, including the solicitation of individual and institutional donors and sponsors; develop and grow special events that boost fundraising, including corporate gatherings, and marking special milestones;
  • With the Board Chair and Executive Committee, coordinate the efforts of various Board committees and task forces; develop Board meeting agendas, schedules and other activities with the Executive Committee; ensure that all committees achieve objectives; encourage Board members’ appropriate involvement in NCoC’ s range of activities;


  • Proven senior-level experience connected to the civic engagement field; strong problem solving, negotiation and financial management experience as an executive in a nonprofit, public, or private sector organization;
  • A track record in attracting financial support from foundations, businesses, and government sources; demonstrated success in collaborating with others in cooperative fundraising for initiatives;
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills, a history of excellent public speaking skills for formal and extemporaneous presentations;
  • A demonstrated ability to work effectively with professionals with different backgrounds, political parties and from various communities; experience as a problem-solver, facilitator, catalyst for new ideas and leader/influencer;
  • Experience with effectively managing similarly sized budgets and staff; proven ability to meet multiple deadlines and balance multiple projects;
  • A successful record of developing and implementing strategic plans and/or programmatic initiatives;
  • A mission-driven individual with a belief in and commitment to NCoC; decisive and resourceful, with the organizational sensitivity to gain the support and confidence of the Board and important constituents;
  • A grounded visionary and life-long-learner; a careful builder with a measured approach to growing NCoC’s programs and influence;
  • A team builder, confident and competent, with strong skills in management and leadership; one who understands the subtleties of recruiting, motivating, directing and retaining a diverse group of personalities with different work styles;
  • A “doer” with a willingness to work hands-on in developing and executing a variety of activities ranging from the internal day-to-day operations, to the highly creative and visible;

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