Global Learning on Democracy Innovation

The results of Club de Madrid’s recent Policy Dialogue on Rethinking Democracy, including all the sessions, supporting documents, and Concluding Document

Club de Madrid’s related work with the Global Commission on Democracy and Emergencies

The Healthier Democracies project, a partnership of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Public Agenda, and Apolitical

Civic Tech in the Global South: Assessing Technology for the Public Good, edited by Tiago Peixoto and Micah Sifry

Thirty Years of Democratic Innovation in Latin America, including a section on democratic innovation during the Covid-19 pandemic

Information on the upcoming Global Parliamentary Union report on Parliaments and Public Engagement

Governance Diaries, an approach for researching the democratic actions of marginalized people in fragile, authoritarian, or conflict and violence-affected states

An online course on engagement offered by Apolitical, an international learning community for government officials and staff

Measuring Democracy, Engagement, and Civic Health

More on NCoC’s Civic Health Index (see also the session hosted by Jeff Coates at the conference).

Reports produced by Joe Hoereth and the Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement at UIC-Chicago

Jonathan Collins’ research on how democratic processes can improve the educational experiences of students in low-income and minoritized communities, and the ways in which people of color, particularly African Americans, engage with American democracy.

Democracy Counts 2020, IDHE’s national NSLVE report on student participation in the 2020 U.S. election

The Simon Fraser University Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue has just released their Where to Start? Workbooks for Evaluating Democratic Engagement Impacts, which provides step by step suggestions and question packets for identifying how programs or activities shift participants’ views of democracy and engagement. They are hosting an online launch event on Nov 17, 1pm PST – Register Here

Making Change Visible: Evaluating Efforts to Advance Social Participation in Health is a new guide that walks people through a participatory process for charting the impacts of their work:

Civic Infrastructure

Our Common Purpose: Reinventing American Democracy for the 21st Century

Two interviews with Harold McDougall on the importance of civic infrastructure, the centrality of small-group discussion, and the need for top-down and bottom-up forces for social change

The Our Common Purpose report, which includes the rationale for the National Trust for Civic Infrastructure

Public Agenda’s guide to Strengthening and Sustaining Public Engagement, which describes engagement as a part of civic infrastructure:

The Handbook for Deliberative Community Forums developed by the Program for Deliberative Democracy as part of their work to strengthen civic infrastructure in Pittsburgh

A New Frontier for American Democracy: How Do We Resource It?

What Does the Kettering Foundation Do?

Connections 2020: The Work of Democratic Citizenship

With The People: An Introduction to an Idea  

Our Divided Nation: Is There a Role for Philanthropy in Renewing Democracy?

Democracy and Civic Life: What Is the Long Game for Philanthropy?

Safety, Justice, and Policing: Insights from 2017 Forums That Speak to Today

Enduring Values, Changing Concerns: A Retrospective Analysis of NIF Forums on Jobs and the Economy from 1982 to 2020

Beyond the Clash: How a Deliberative Public Talks about Immigration – A Report on 2018 National Issues Forums on Immigration