NCoC Releases “Civic Deserts: America’s Civic Health Challenges”

At the 2017 Annual Conference on Citizenship, NCoC will release Civic Deserts: America’s Civic Health Challenges. This report was produced in partnership with Civic Enterprises, the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life at Tufts University, Robert R. McCormick Foundation, and the MCJ Amelior Foundation.

Click here to download the full report.

This report provides the 2017 Civic Health update to the nation on our progress and challenge across leading indicators of civic life. Our nation does a superb job reporting on its economic health. The public, cross-sector leaders, and policymakers regularly see leading indicators of our economic health, such as the stock market, manufacturing activities, inventory levels, retail sales, building permits, the housing market, and new business startups.

We also see regular updates on lagging indicators in our economy, such as changes in the Gross Domestic Product, income and wages, unemployment rates, the Consumer Price Index, currency strength, interest rates, corporate profits, the balance of trade, and the value of commodity substitutes to the U.S. Dollar. All of these indicators keep the nation’s economic health front and center on the national agenda and help us understand the vitality of our economy, see where it is robust and weak, determine how it is affecting different populations, track trends over time, and shape appropriate policies and actions to keep our economy strong.